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Don't save a few dollars to end up wasting thousands.

Your Engine Oil is the blood that course through your engine. As it ages and get subjected to the stress of daily driving, they will break down. This is when the quality of the engine oil plays a big difference. Not only will poor quality engine oil rob the internal engine parts such as your piston of much needed lubrication, it may also cause your rubber seals and various components to experience excessive wear. Don't just take our word for it. Above are pistons removed from an engine that suffered a catastrophic failure due to the engine oil sludging up. Most people will do 2 servicing a year. Saving say $50 per servicing will give you just a $1200 saving in 10 years but an overhaul will cost upwards of $2000-4500. Do the match and you will realize you don't wanna be a miser.